Homeschooling Teen – January 2016

Sparky-New YearHappy New Year! The January issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online at!

The featured teen this month is Moshe Kai Cavalin. He was homeschooled until he started college at age 8! People call him a genius but he insists he’s not. He says he just works hard and doesn’t waste time.

In another article, Alifia offers some great tips on being a smart teen. Interestingly, much of her advice is very similar to that of Moshe Kai.

Two infographics in this issue will also help you be a smart student: “Study Smart” and “STEM vs. STEAM.”

Have you heard of Andrews University, the flagship university of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and the largest evangelical university in Michigan? Read all about how it’s dedicated to educating the whole student: “Body, Mind, and Spirit.”

Don’t miss Narrelle’s in-depth political analysis on why the GOP presidential field may narrow down to Ted Cruz vs. Marco Rubio.

Take a look at Sherah’s recap of the best fashion moments of 2015, Alesha’s overview of world religions, and Zoe’s collaboration sketch of “Cate & Grace.”

Olyvea and Ethan answer readers’ questions, Naomi reviews “Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology,” and Dune Jumper reviews “The Stanley Parable.”

Announcing three new columns!

1. “Homeschool Electives” provides ideas for unique elective courses that homeschoolers can add to their transcripts.

2. Zoe’s brother Zach reviews movies, games, and books.

3. Every month now we’ll feature homeschooling heroes and heroines in literature and film!

Also in this issue:

Five Degrees That Offer Some of the Best Opportunities for Jobs

Ten Scholarship Opportunities for Students

Affordable Education: Six Tips to Help You Pay for College

Learn How to Stay on Top of Your Writing Assignments

How to Effectively Compete with Ivy League Law Students

And finally, if you’ve made a new year’s resolution to get in shape but lack motivation, check out some fitness apps that reward you for working out!

Read all of these articles online at!

P.S. We miss our long-running anime column. If someone wants to take over the anime reviews, please contact

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