Homeschooling Teen – December 2015

sparky-tee-thThe December issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online at!

This month we have two articles on unique scholarship opportunities! Have you ever heard of the “Make It With Wool” award? Or the American Fire Sprinkler $2,000 scholarship contest?

Also in this issue: “Dorm Living Prep: Six Basic Clothes You Will Want in Your Closet,” “4 Hot Degrees with Incredible Job Placement Potential,” “Got Law on the Brain? 4 Ways to Prepare for Law School,” and “The Best Guide to Traveling When You Have No Money.”

Caela Fox, journalism student at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School, covers the Thanksgiving football games and reports on Mark Weinhold, a senior homeschool athlete.

The featured homeschool-friendly college for this month is Eastern Kentucky University.

Narrelle describes her experiences in Congressional Debate, and Alifia tells about the lessons she learned from her first archery competition.

Do you like to fly drones? Don’t miss the article on “Be Part of the Drone Revolution.”

Here’s something for all you book lovers in the digital age. Did you know that you can buy candles that smell like old books? Check out the infographic on “The Aroma of Books.”

Zoe shows us a creative birthday banner she made for her brother. Hannah wrote a “Nativity” poem, and Alesha wrote a poem titled “Stripes.”

Olyvea and Ethan answer readers’ questions about homeschooling and holidays, and Nick gives advice on what games to get for Christmas. Tab reviews the Zoombinis reboot, and Naomi reviews the book Reckless Faith by John MacArthur.

And finally, Super Searcher lists his top 5 favorite animes, in what will be his last anime review. This has been one of our longest-running columns, written by two brothers for the past 6 years. So it will be kind of like the end of an era not having it anymore. If someone else wants to take over the anime reviews, please contact

Homeschooling Teen magazine wishes all of our readers a very Merry Christmas!

Here are the links to the December articles:

Mark Weinhold: Homeschooled Two-Sport Athlete

Mark Weinhold stands out whether it’s on the field or on the court.


Eastern Kentucky University

“Get wisdom, get understanding.” ~EKU motto


Unique Scholarship Opportunities for Students

Learn about some unique scholarship awards available to students.


Dorm Living Prep: The Six Basics for Clothes You Will Want in Your Closet

A college student’s wardrobe needs are much different from that of a high school student.


Be Part of the Drone Revolution

If you like flying drones, this is the career for you!


Honest Advice with Sugar and Spice

Olyvea and Ethan answer questions on homeschooling, friends, dating, and life in general.


Thanksgiving Day Football Games

An American tradition is watching Thanksgiving Day football.



A poem by Hannah Barber.



A poem by Alesha Dodd.


Got Law on the Brain? 4 Ways to Prepare for Law School

The sooner you start preparing, the better your chances of getting into a good law school and succeeding.


Congressional Debate for Beginners

Congressional debate offers meaningful debate, unparalleled fun, and connection to a national community.


Learn to Compete, It is Urgent!

The lessons I learned from my first archery competition.


Keep Your Options Open: Six Things to Consider Before Committing to a Major

In today’s world, it pays to choose a major that will be beneficial to you in terms of personal enjoyment, as well as career advancement.


4 Hot Degrees with Incredible Job Placement Potential

If you are interested in computers, technology, or engineering, then take a look at these four degree opportunities.


American Fire Sprinkler Association $2,000 Scholarship Contest

Open to high school seniors who want to pursue a college degree or trade school education.


The Best Guide to Travelling When You Have No Money

Travelling when you have no money is an adventure of its own.


Reckless Faith by John F. MacArthur

Do you blindly trust in faith, or seek the real truth?


My Top 5 Favorite Anime Series

There are many animes that I like, but I think these are the best.



A reboot of Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, the award-winning 1990’s educational puzzle game!


The “Know” to Shop: Video Game Edition

Helpful tips for your holiday shopping, if you’re interested in buying the latest game of the year.


Zach’s Birthday Banner

Zoe shares one of her pictures with a description of the subject, the story behind it, and the artistic process that went into it.


The Aroma of Old Books

Love for the old book smell is so universal that you can actually buy the fragrance! Learn the science behind the odor of old books.


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