Academic Stress: Writing Essay Papers Under Pressure?

By Elizabeth Terry

As the end of the term approaches, students are starting to cram in their academic requirement. Time is running out very fast that they have no time to take a break and even take a nap because once they miss the deadline, they will be in a bigger trouble. Academic stress is killing each student in school. Academic pressure is continually rising as the projects, proposals, exam week, and essay submission is approaching.

Academic stress is apparent especially to those lazy students and procrastinators who didn’t prioritize their studies in the beginning of the semester. Now, everyone is in a cramming mode. They have to maximize the time that they have to do all their projects and paper writing requirement before the hell week comes. Each student has their own ways on how they can accomplish their assignments and projects on time. Some of them writes very fast and can complete their essay writing excellently while others are struggling in writing a couple of words on their paper.

If you want to finish your essay paper quickly without panicking and worrying about the tight time crunch, you have to come up with a different writing approach. Do not expect that your instructors will extend the deadline of your essay submission just because you cannot make it on time. The best thing that you could do to meet all your paper deadlines is to find ways on how you can write your essay fast that earns you a high mark.

Panic is not your best friend

You have a limited time to do your essay paper and it makes you panic by just the thought of the deadline. Your goal is to write a good and error-free essay paper and submit it on time. Focus on what you are heading to and what you need to accomplish. If you put your attention to that awful rush feeling, you cannot able to think properly. Panic is not your best friend. Don’t mind it hence put your focus unto the right track. Just go on what you’re supposed to do and that is to write your essay paper faster.

Know and understand your essay topic

You cannot write anything that you didn’t know and you didn’t understand. So before you grab your pen and start writing on your paper make sure that you have a clear idea on what you are going to do. What is your essay topic? What are the objectives of your paper? Did you understand the essay prompt that was given to you? Knowing the topic is an important step in producing a quality paper and this will direct you to the right and shortest way of your writing.

Determine your original intention into your writing

Once you started writing down your main idea on paper, another idea will spark from the previous idea. A new idea sparks a new idea and this will keep going as you put various ideas on your paper. Since your focus is on the ideas that are coming out of your head, you wouldn’t notice that you are getting way off the course from your original intention on your paper. To avoid this to occur and keep on writing faster, you can break your ideas into an outline. Make sure that every idea that you write down on paper are connected to your main idea or to your thesis statement.

A clear and effective writing plan is a good time-saver

Some students think that creating a writing plan is just a waste of time. Instead of doing it, they’d rather proceed in writing their ideas directly on paper. Believe it or not, but having a writing plan can help you save a great amount of time in your writing as well as prevent unnecessary academic stress. You can get straight into your essay writing with or without a plan but to make sure that you are not getting off the topic course having a plan will leads you where to put the supporting points that directly follows your thesis.

Complete the sections of your paper

Write your introduction, body, and conclusion effectively. Make your introductory paragraph an attention-getter. Write something brilliant at the beginning of your essay to attract the reader’s attention. For the body of your essay, make sure that each paragraph strengthen your thesis statement. Provide enough evidences that will prove your main ideas. The more types of evidences, the stronger your essay will become. As you write the conclusion part, you can just summarize the main and supporting points on the body of your paper. Don’t make it too complicated for your readers. Keep it simple but full of meaningful thoughts.

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