Poems to Ponder

By Nick Maker

A Walnut to Crack

Much there is in the mind of a person,
Who’s like a walnut,
Can’t tell if the walnut is good or not,
But simply explore the inner mind of others and to see it crack open.
Is not easy to see someone’s mind,
How it works and how it can be of a bad nut.
Maybe this person of a walnut has a scarring life in the family tree
that has not gained enough love to mature.
Even if everything is going peachy
And the walnut doesn’t have a bad nut,
Sometimes you just have to crack it some more
to find the inner nut’s nature.

The Rock and the Flower

Flower: Oh, my blossoming petals have bloomed through this season.
Rock: Well, you know, not everything is all about you; I can be as beautiful as you.
Flower: Don’t be ridiculous! Surely you can’t be serious; only flowers can be majestic and freely than you, horrid colorless rock.
Rock: Looks can be deceiving if you look at what’s inside.


Into the COSMOS!

Behold! What shines through the sky;
Behold! The stars are as beautiful as diamonds;
Behold! Clouds that surround us as we see dark violet veils;
Behold! Our God created the cosmos for our fine eyes to see throughout the years.

Think the Thinker

Why must I think about this world so much?
Why did He make me like this?
Why can’t I stop thinking about life?
Only He has the answer and I don’t know why.
Why, oh so why, can’t I just close my eyes and be like the dove that soars without care through the sky?
Oh! AH! My aching head is like a stone in my head!
Instead of thinking this and that, maybe I should ponder what the problem is!


What darkness fills the souls of others?
The fear we lose our minds and the will to go on,
Only hope will give us the light to see,
And only Him, will reach us and save us all.

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