Full Metal Panic!

Full Metal Panic! follows Sergeant Sousuke Sagara, a military specialist working for Mithril, a secret anti-terrorist organization. He is tasked with guarding Kaname Chidori, an ordinary high school girl who may not actually be totally ordinary. Oh, and it has big mech fights.

I like FMP! for the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has a story, sure, but there are quite a few laughs throughout, mostly because of Sousuke.

In order to guard Kaname, the Sergeant has to adapt to regular high school life. To say he fails would be an understatement. He overreacts to absolutely everything, and sees a terrorist threat around every corner. Kaname is unamused.

Just about every character on the show, I liked. (Well, except for the main villain.)

The socially inept Sousuke, the tsundere Kaname, the charmingly clumsy Tessa, the cool military guy Kalinin, the “ladies man” Kurz, the ruthless insulter Melissa, etc. They’re all very different, and play off each other well.

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