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Lucidity is a game made by LucasArts, but it’s a magical storybook experience that’s very different from Star Wars.

The Life of Joe

*Story contains a depiction of Hell and may not be suitable for all readers. **Story contains the following words which are used in a non-profane, Biblical manner: Hell Hellish Adultery Lust The Life of Joe, by Andrew It was a dim and bleak life for Joe. His love had died and he was fired from […]

The World Around Us

by Adrianna Kuzma Note: This is not the typical “World Around Us” essay; it’s an allegory that I wrote. –Adrianna One day Elephant was pregnant with her first baby son. The next day Elephant woke up to find a very small but unique baby elephant standing in front of her. “Hello small one,” said Elephant, […]

Ashley’s Column: My Crazy Wacky Life

My hilarious tales of my hilarious life! …by Ashley Cline   Bathroom Blues There’s a place in West Virginia called a holler. It’s the small, gulch like area, where everyone’s house is between two large mountains. A place where each house has a creek in the front yard and a mountain in the back. The […]


The name “Bakemonogatari” comes from two root words. Bakemono, meaning monster, and monogatari, meaning story. The story centers on Koyomi Araragi, a high school student who is 90% human again after briefly becoming a vampire as a result of an attack. One day, Hitagi Senjogahara, a classmate who never talks to anyone, falls down a […]

Dear Esther

  Dear Esther was originally created in 2007 by Dan Pinchbeck, a researcher at the University of Portsmouth (UK), as part of a project funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council to explore game play and storytelling. It was built in the Source engine and released in 2008 as a mod for Half Life […]