Obduction: Cyan’s New Adventure Game

Obduction - houseObduction Game Review by Xbolt

It’s been over ten years since they released their last Myst game, but now Cyan Worlds is back with a completely new IP!

Obduction has a similar premise to the original Myst. You play a character who is suddenly transported to a strange and bizarre world with no instructions. So you wander around looking at the pretty scenery trying to figure out how this place works.

And pretty it is. Computer graphics have come a long way since the days of Myst, and the Unreal 4 engine used in Obduction lets you wander around in realtime 3D rather than just pre-rendered slides like before. The artists at Cyan have created some stunning scenes.

A lot of games these days try to hold your hand as much as possible. Not so here. The puzzles in the game require you to think for a while, but they are solvable without having to resort to reading a guide.

In short, if you enjoyed the slow, methodical puzzle solving in fantastic worlds that Myst gave you, you will enjoy Obduction.

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