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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is depression caused by lack of sunlight. Symptoms of SAD include: unexplained weight loss, having no energy, and becoming moody.

How to Tell if Your Child is Being Bullied

By Jennifer Making sure your child maintains a healthy social life outside of a homeschooling environment is an important part of their development. For a lot of kids, school is where friendships are forged and they learn crucial social skills with their peers. For children that are homeschooled, activities, clubs, and hobbies are all fantastic […]

Causes of and Tips for Teen Depression

Editor’s Note: It’s not unusual for young people to get “down in the dumps” or experience “the blues” occasionally. Most of the time when teens encounter challenging situations, they can lean on friends and family members for help. Sometimes, however, their problems become too complicated or overwhelming and they may need the guidance of a […]

A Different Reality: Bipolar Disorder

The Razor’s Edge, by Madeleine Richey There is a world very different from ours in which some of our friends live. It’s a world that is within ours but strange to us; a different reality. I had the unfortunate opportunity to witness what Bipolar Disorder can do to a life. It’s funny how those little […]