Wise Words About Money for High School Graduates

By Jenny

Congratulations to all the homeschoolers who are graduating from high school this year! It’s a happy and exciting time for sure. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, but you may be asking “now what?” Welcome to the real world. 🙂

“Time-wise, the transition from high school to college may only span a few months. But the big bridge—the one in which the world starts expecting more adult, less kid—can be a shaky one,” says Ted Spiker, journalism department chair at the University of Florida. “To cross that bridge successfully, it’s not always about memorizing facts, writing papers, and meeting deadlines. It’s about the extras—the mindset and strategies that will help students explore, engage, and excel” (Spiker, 2015).

Now’s the time to get organized and maximize your connections. Stop goofing off with your homies and start networking with people who will be able to help you get ahead in life. Seek out a mentor, preferably in your desired field, and heed their advice.

Start a Linkedin account which will be an ongoing record of your college and work experience. Edit your social media posts to make sure future employers see only your best qualities. However, don’t be afraid to show your personality, creativity, and skills so that you stand out from others.

And now we have some wise words about money…

Wise Words About Money

As you prepare to head off to college or look for a job, you will have to start making your own decisions about banking, budgeting, saving money, and spending wisely. For example, a credit card is handy so you won’t always have to carry cash around, but don’t succumb to the temptation of racking up charges that you can’t afford to pay back.

Philip Taylor from PT Money says, “No matter what your circumstances may be, there’s always going to be someone else who has experienced what you’re going through. Find that person, learn from them, take notice of their warnings, and learn some wise life skills. Don’t think you’re too smart to learn from others” (Taylor, 2008).

The sayings of famous and successful people from both past and present can impart wisdom that speaks to us personally today and through all stages of our lives. That brings us to a quiz called “Wise Words About Money,” which quizzes users on their knowledge of who said what about money. Was it Bill Gates or Pope Francis who said that “Money has to serve, not to rule”? The answer may surprise you.

Again, congratulations on your high school success! May you have a successful and prosperous future.

Do you have any other advice for a graduate? Tell us in the comment section below.


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