Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

LinkedIn is the No. 1 social media site when it comes to jobs and careers. Did you know that a person with a fully optimized profile is 40 times more likely to get job opportunities via LinkedIn? And in a recent poll of 1,843 staffing professionals, 97 percent said they used LinkedIn as a recruiting tool? Although some young people have the impression that this platform is for old fogies, that perception is changing as more and more college students and grads sign up. LinkedIn is where you can let recruiters know of your talents and where you can begin your professional networking.

When posting job search information online, it’s natural to want to put your best foot forward. That’s why Jasmine Freeman and her team at Leisurejobs.com recently designed the Ultimate Linkedin Cheat Sheet, an infographic that covers basic and advanced techniques to make your profile as visible and attractive as possible. The visual guide will help you quickly create the best possible LinkedIn profile, maximize your online visibility, build your contact list, and get contacted about a new job. Whether you’re looking to find out the best profile picture size, how to get the most secure password, or simply starting from the beginning, they’ve got you covered!

The aim of the Ultimate Linkedin Cheat Sheet is to help people use the site more effectively to gain new business contacts and potential job offers online once they graduate. Since Linkedin is the ultimate place to be seen online professionally, it’s probably a good idea to get a sneaky head start over the job market by checking out the cheat sheet. After all, you are competing against over 350 million users…

PrintSource: Leisurejobs.com

Download: The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet PDF

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