Top Amazing Teen Friendly Places to Visit

By Alina

Being a teen I always tried to find a niche for me to enjoy a lot with unique travel experiences. I always believed that it’s this age which will give a strong influence on the maturing minds of tender teens. I always want to find something exiting and appealing with a different feel in whatever I do. At this time of behavioral disturbances, a good trip to some exotic places will help every emotion to fall in its place perfectly. When we thought of planning for a trip, my father and I unanimously chose those places they call the dream lands for teens, keeping the enthusiasm and energy on the highest priority that generally teens get there. Here are the places we explored like a free bird just to give wings to the freedom that others can get jealous of:

New York City

The four hundred year old historical New York City is a real destination for any teen with its sheer beauty and numerous attractions that can spellbound any teen or their parent alike. Teens who are ambitious about their life and looking for motivation and inspiration definitely have to visit New York, the true capital of the world.

I spent a quality time at the glittering and busy Times Square and visited the popular show stealer namely The Statue of Liberty at the New York Harbor. Took a long stroll along Broadway while enjoying the taste of exotic desserts.

The very sight of the much discussed Wall Street pumped adrenalin in me to become filthy rich one day. Then visited Jackson Heights, Bridgton Beach and many other New York City ethnic enclaves which took me back to the bygone epoch of this city.

Orlando, Florida

It’s an undeniable fact that whatever the age one reaches, the memories of childhood favorites will be fresh forever in one’s mind. The ever green Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is such a kind of thing that will bring the nostalgia alive for every teen.

The 42000-acre wonderful entertainment complex is a complete treat for teens. At first, I went to see this magic world consisting of the Adventure Land, a representation of the mystery of exploring foreign lands. Then I went to Frontier Land, Liberty Square, Fantasy Land and Enchanted Forest, etc. which made me feel like I could live there forever.

Then I went to the Disney’s Animal Kingdom which ranked as the fourth most visited theme park in entire U.S. While exploring across Oasis Park and Discovery Island, which is a place of spectacular species from across the globe and different continent villages depicting the different cultures, I luckily had an experience to peek into the wonderful animal kingdom of Florida and also get a glace of its rich culture and lifestyle.


The windy city as they call it is a feisty city to explore with its skyscrapers and exclusive cuisines. This city not only boosts the adrenaline but is also a perfect place for teens to grab some real knowledge and experience. Being the home of some of the most striking places and abundant knowledge hubs like museums and nature parks, this place is absolutely perfect for the teens who want to gain some knowledge along with having fun and enjoyment.

Here I went to see much hyped Magnificent Mile or Mag Mile which is a spectacular place to keep you away from the normal world and transport your mood. I had the best time of my life at the Magnificent Mile festival which is a seasonal event. Then I took a long ride at The Michigan Avenue and did a good amount of shopping. Teens who generally have an inferiority complex and other disorders will get most of the benefits of cooperation by visiting it as they get the opportunity to mingle with all sorts of teens.

During my trip to the top amazing teen friendly places, I had the best time and memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime. Visiting these places not only entertained me but also brought out a phenomenal change in my approach and attitude. Honestly speaking, these places apart from offering fun and enjoyment open a world of never seen and never experienced bounties, natural treasures and knowledge.

I strongly believe that these are the most amazing teen friendly places to choose for any trip. The very sight of the places brings out the true passion of any teen which will help to nurture them to be a professional. If anyone wants to visit these places from a country outside the U.S., they must first obtain an ESTA approval. Apply for the ESTA by submitting a written application to the U.S Department of Homeland Security. They will check the documents like passport and credit and approve your ESTA.

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