The Periodic Table of College Scholarships

ScholarshipExperts want to make your scholarship search easy and fun, while helping you find free money to pay for your college education. That’s why they created the Periodic Table of College Scholarships — an interactive tool to help you explore thousands of scholarships available online and find opportunities that match your academic achievements, interests, and needs.

Find scholarships by year/grade, subject, demographics, or type. Choose from merit-based, company-sponsored, college-specific, state, government, sports, minority, or homeschool. ScholarshipExperts even offer their own unusual scholarships like Flavor of the Month, Zombie Apocalypse, Make Me Laugh, and Top Ten List. When you hover over any scholarship category, you’ll be presented with a list of scholarships that you can apply for online!

Start experimenting with the graphic below by selecting an “element” to view a full list of scholarships available in a specific category. To see full scholarship details and application deadlines, click on the title of an individual award. Don’t forget to sign up for a free ScholarshipExperts account to keep your scholarships organized and be notified when new opportunities arise. Good luck!

The Periodic Table of College Scholarships by
The Periodic Table of College Scholarships from

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