Technology is the Best Defense We Have Against Ebola

By Norman Peterson

If you use the internet or listen to the radio or watch television, then you are sure to have heard about Ebola. When the recent outbreak of Ebola began, the concern over this disease was minimal. But when it started to get out of hand, all the experts around the world and even the governments knew that something had to be done in order to bring down this monster.

Should you really fear Ebola?

While Ebola doesn’t spread like most of the other common diseases – in order for someone to contract Ebola, they have to come in contact with the blood or other body fluids of the already infected human or animal – there have been many cases of this disease in a short period of time. And what’s even more alarming is the fact that most of the people who contract the disease die of it. The mortality rate of this disease is quite high, which is the reason why everyone is paying so much attention to it.

Is something being done?

The good news is that the governments and the health industry isn’t shuffling their feet when it comes to take action against the spread and control of this disease. Many doctors, nurses and other experts are spending countless day to spread awareness about this deadly disease and take care of the people who have contracted this disease. Everything that should be done is being done.

While developing new vaccines takes time, preventing some disease before its outbreak is the best method to overcome that disease. That is why, that sometimes, a lot of resources are spent on spreading awareness about a disease. This is what is exactly happening with Ebola. And fortunately for mankind, we have something in this day and age that wasn’t present in the entire history of mankind. We have the most advanced technology imaginable and that is being put to good use.

Mobile phones are the new soldiers

There is no denying the fact that the mobile phone is that one invention that has opened so many doors for the human race; it has enabled to connect people from different corners of the world and has also enabled individuals to report new developments in real time.

Mobile phones with pre-installed health apps have been shipped to the areas where the spread of the disease has been the most devastating. These apps and mobile phones allow the people to learn not only how they can avoid contracting the disease, but also what should be done if someone picks it up. This has actually changed the spread of correct information at grass root level.

Supercomputers will prevent an outbreak before it happens

Another thing which has shown a lot promise is the use of supercomputers to gather and analyze the data that comes from different resources that are involved with Ebola in one way or another. Thanks to the massive computing power, that information can be analyzed very quickly. This helps the experts to better understand the disease and control its spread.

Author Bio: Norman Peterson is one of the few persons, who have been tracking the outbreak of Ebola very closely. That is what makes his insights very accurate. He is currently affiliated with needpaperhelp.


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