Odd and Funny Sleeping Practices Around the World

By Josh

There’s more to sleeping than just closing your eyes. Believe it or not, the world revolves around sleeping as it is one of the essential bodily functions. Without it, we wouldn’t last a week, and our body would deteriorate both physically and mentally.

While people worldwide have a common idea of what sleep is and how it works, there are a few habits and practices that are unique to some areas. If you are into some neat sleeping facts, then we’ve got the perfect list for you.

Japan’s Inemuri

Sleeping at work is a sign of laziness and unprofessionalism across the globe. There is one country that thinks differently though, and that is Japan. The nation believes in ‘inemuri,’ which translates to sleeping while present. When workers sleep during work or during a meeting, their bosses will take it as a sign of hard work.

The idea is that they’ve worked so hard to the point that they can’t keep their eyes open anymore. In some cases, Japanese workers even fall asleep in public transportation.

Spain’s Siesta

Siesta is one of the most popular daytime snoozing traditions across the globe. It originated in Spain and is still practiced globally to this day.

Siesta is fairly simple; it’s basically snoozing during the daytime. It may be seen as laziness in some cultures, but it is often seen as an essential practice to keep the body well-rested.

China’s ‘Sleep At Work’ Policies

The working hours in China are slowly increasing. This basically means that employees are getting less sleep. To counteract the new working hours and to give their workers enough rest, some employers are advocating “sleep at work” schedules, which are often scheduled right after lunch.

Some offices are even installing proper sleeping facilities to make their employees more comfortable during sleeping hours.

Guatemala’s Worry Dolls

Some kids sleep better with blankets. Some sleep better with their favorite stuffed toy. In Guatemala, people sleep better with Worry Dolls.

Worry Dolls are miniature figures that people place under their pillow at night. These dolls are said to relieve the stress and worries of those who use them. Some believe that Worry Dolls inspired the practice of sleeping with blankets and teddy bears in other parts of the globe.

Indonesia’s Fear Sleep

Fear sleep or todoet poeles is the belief in Indonesia that people fall into a deep sleep when they are under heavy stress. What’s surprising about this belief is that people allegedly nod off instantly.

Of course, this is more of a myth than a practice or habit, but wouldn’t it be great if todoet poeles is real?

Bottom Line

Regardless of how you do it, there’s no doubt that sleeping is one of the best parts of the day. Nothing beats the feeling of getting some shut-eye after a long day at work.

Sleeping habits and practices may vary per country, but what we do know is that sleep is essential to keep our waking hours alive and well. We hope that these sleep statistics compiled from a number of reliable sources will help you understand that having enough ZZZs is vital to your well-being.

Source: https://disturbmenot.co/stats-and-facts-about-sleep-infographic


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