Marli Tague: Lumerit Scholar

marliMarli Tague is a great example of a motivated student who didn’t let school get in the way of her dreams. She earned over 100 college credit hours before her 17th birthday, graduated high school in May 2010, and in December 2012 received a B.A. in Liberal Studies through Thomas Edison State College. By successfully graduating college at age 18 with no debt, this freed Marli to follow her calling in international missions work.

She accomplished a lot in a short amount of time thanks to a distance-learning program called Lumerit Scholar (formerly CollegePlus), which allowed Marli to combine her high school and college studies. Through the program, Marli earned dual credit for high school and college while being homeschooled. She was even able to take her studies with her on a missions trip. Lumerit Scholar enabled Marli to combine her college work with her passion for ministry.

As the daughter of a pastor at Rancho del Rey church in Carlsbad, California, ministry was already an important part of Marli’s life. “My biggest dream is to be a missionary in a third world country focusing on evangelism and social justice,” she said. Marli didn’t want to put her calling on hold for four years while she went to college. When Marli learned that Lumerit Scholar would allow her to earn her bachelor’s degree while continuing her family’s ministry, she knew she had found her solution.

At age 17, Marli was able to take a trip overseas to serve and minister to the malnourished population in Southern Sudan while she was writing an undergraduate research paper on that very topic. Marli simultaneously interviewed staff and helped provide IVs and valuable nutrition to the impoverished Sudanese people. Lumerit Scholar allowed Marli to maximize her high school opportunities and pursue amazing life experiences, all at the same time.

Upon graduating, Marli earned The Arnold Fletcher Award from Thomas Edison State College. The award is named in honor of Dr. Arnold Fletcher. As the college’s first academic vice president, he pioneered many innovative methods of earning a college degree. This award recognizes bachelor’s degree graduates for exceptional achievement in nontraditional learning. Students selected for the award have demonstrated outstanding achievement by earning a minimum total of 90 credits from one or more of the nontraditional learning modes recognized by the college.

“People say, ‘Oh, you’re so young and have all these college credits. You must be some kind of genius.’ But those people who know me really well know I’m the farthest thing from that! I’m not a quick learner, but Lumerit Scholar makes learning so accessible. You don’t have to be super smart, just motivated. Lumerit will equip you with the resources you need to earn your college degree.”

Marli shows that you don’t have to put your dreams on hold for college. Lumerit Scholar has allowed hundreds of teenagers to combine their college and high school efforts, graduate early, and use their newfound freedom to pursue their God-given passions. You too can combine your high school and college studies, graduate from both at the same time, and dive head-first into your calling. Learn more about Lumerit Scholar:



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