Genesis Art Quest

Genesis Art Quest is a year-long art curriculum, broken up into two semesters, that includes the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and design. They say it’s for middle schoolers, but high school students can use it too. This series would be perfect for anyone, even an adult, who wants an introduction to art.

Even though Genesis Art Quest uses a guided step-by-step approach, it’s not a formulaic “how-to” method that results in basically copying the picture provided, but rather guides the student in creating their own unique works of art. The required materials are easily obtainable and won’t break your homeschool budget.

Mr. Meyers, the instructor, has over 30 years of classroom experience teaching art. But he speaks directly to you, not to a class of students on set, so it’s like having your own personal art teacher. Mr. Meyers talks slowly (like Bob Ross, remember him on PBS?) so his instructions are easy to follow, yet it’s not just a boring monologue. The video editing is very well done, with exciting music and high quality graphics to maintain your interest.

Traditional art lessons on the topics of perspective, shape and form are interspersed with fun lessons such aurora borealis pastel silhouettes, crayon rubbings, and construction paper mosaics. Students will make sculptures, paintings, and drawings. In addition, they will keep a sketchbook throughout the year.

Sketchbook assignments include mostly still-lifes such as the following: a container, hand, foot, tree, fruit, shoe, jar, soft drink can, bowl of fruit, house plant, tool, leaf, popcorn, pinecone, your favorite pet, your house, part of a vehicle, a piece of furniture, the contents of a trash can, what you would see through a keyhole, and much more!

Art history, a crucial part of understanding art, is covered throughout the lessons. And guess what? It’s all taught from a Christian perspective! Mr. Meyers says: “I’m also a dedicated Christian who wants children of all ages to learn to see and appreciate the intriguing beauty of God’s creation and to develop their artistic ability as a fulfillment of their having been created in the image of God.”

The Genesis Art Quest series includes 20 hours of video instruction with 30 lessons plus two bonus lessons. You can get this curriculum in a boxed set of 5 DVDs OR you can get it all in the highest quality HD resolution (1080p) on one USB thumb drive!

What an ingenious idea, I don’t know why more companies don’t do that, as the USB is actually much more convenient than the DVDs! Why mess with bulky DVDs and having to take them in and out, when you can get the full program on a USB drive that can fit in your pocket?

I would definitely add Genesis Art Quest to my list of favorite homeschool curriculum for high school that you probably never heard of. Genesis Art Quest has been selling on Amazon marketplace only since 2017, which means not very many people know about it yet. So spread the word and tell your friends!

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