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Behe Uncensored: A University-Level Course on Intelligent Design

“Given the hard limits of academic freedom in our universities, the chances that a scientist could teach a whole course fairly treating intelligent design are, approximately, slim to none. Even if you were tenured faculty, your colleagues and the administration would come down on you like a hammer.” ~Sarah Chaffee, Program Officer in Education and Public Policy at Discovery Institute.

That’s why there is a lot of excitement about Behe Uncensored, an upcoming new instructional video course on intelligent design. This course is presented by Professor Michael Behe, the Lehigh University biochemist who helped pioneer the intelligent design movement.

This 41-session course, complete with self-grading quizzes to help track your progress, retails for $49.95 — which is quite a deal in itself! For a limited time, though, the Center for Science & Culture is offering it without charge as an incentive to buy Dr. Behe’s new book, Darwin Devolves. Pre-order the book and you’ll receive FREE access to the complete video course!

In these videos, Dr. Behe discusses the history of thought on evolution and intelligent design, and then delves into the science behind natural selection, random mutation, and irreducible complexity. He covers criticisms of ID as well as relevant new discoveries. Behe’s video lecture series is presented colorfully and with countless historical and scientific anecdotes. Watching the course, you will find his passion for biochemical research, and his intellectual integrity, to be persuasive and refreshing.

If you were to imagine taking a class on ID and evolution from a top scientist in the field, uncensored, at your favorite university, this would be it. The lectures are perfect for anyone interested in pursuing the ultimate question of biological origins – including everyone from high school students up through college professors! Plus there’s more: you’ll also receive a FREE exclusive extra chapter of Darwin Devolves, and FREE access to a private, national conference call with the author himself.

Get free, early-bird access when you pre-order Behe’s new book, out in February, Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution.

Given the waves created by Behe’s previous books — Darwin’s Black Box (1996) and The Edge of Evolution (2007) — there is a lot of excitement about his third book, Darwin Devolves, being published by HarperOne and set to release on February 26, 2019.

About the Author

Michael Behe offered a biochemical case for intelligent design in his groundbreaking 1996 book Darwin’s Black Box. TIME Magazine called it the “seminal work” on intelligent design. In Darwin Devolves, he argues that evolution’s primary mechanisms, by their very nature, lack the power to create. Ironically, Darwinian evolution proceeds mainly by mutating or breaking genes, which damages them and results in the rapid loss of genetic information. They can only impart advantages by “devolution” — the opposite of what most people think of when they picture, well, evolution.

From the book: “Laboratory experiments, field research, and theoretical studies all forcefully indicate that, as a result, random mutation and natural selection make evolution self-limiting. That is, the very same factors that promote diversity at the simplest levels of biology actively prevent it at more complex ones. Darwin’s mechanism works chiefly by squandering genetic information for short-term gain.”

The evidence commonly cited to argue for evolution’s ability to drive large-scale transformations is almost always circular. Biologists regularly identify similarities and differences between two groups and then assume those differences are the result of natural selection, mutations, and related processes. However, this conclusion is not based on any actual hard evidence; it is simply assumed.

Even without the expertise of Dr. Behe and his explanation of intelligent design, or knowing the definition of irreducible complexity, one can see biology’s wonders and be filled with awe at the intricate machinery and beauty of life. Surrounded by neo-Darwinian perspectives in textbooks, classrooms, and the media, we should appreciate the courage of this accomplished scientist who came forward to speak of the abundant evidence for design and purpose exhibited lavishly throughout the natural world.

As Behe demonstrates, all empirical data point to the conclusion that evolution is only capable of producing minor alterations of existing designs but nothing truly novel. Evolutionists must now to an even greater extent disconnect their grand narratives from empirical data and confine them to the realm of their unrestrained imaginations. Anyone interested in knowing the truth about the design/evolution debate will find Darwin Devolves a must read.

Editor’s noteDarwin Devolves is currently being sold by pre-order. The limited-time offer includes a new 41-part online course with Michael Behe, a bonus chapter, and an exclusive, national conference call. You can and should pre-order here right now.

Click here to submit your order number to verify your purchase and receive your perks.

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