4 Specialized Business Degrees for a Long Career

4 Specialized Business Degrees for a Long CareerBy Ani O.

Specialized business degrees are becoming popular as companies seek diverse candidates with unique academic backgrounds. Read on to learn about four specialized business degrees that promise a long and interesting career.

Business Administration

Most business students study things like HR, accounting or management. However, business administration is a unique specialization that fosters innovation, leadership and corporate social responsibility. Students are taught to recognize and create value within the production and distribution of goods, services and information. Business administration degrees also teach students how to translate business knowledge and actionable intelligence into objectives and strategies. Graduates will be prepared to address current business issues through new processes, products and services.

Project Management

Project management classes originally resulted in just a certificate, but schools are now offering bachelor’s degrees in project management. Students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to initiate projects through planning and evaluations, as well as execute and schedule tasks. Students will know how to forecast costs and how to stay on budget. Project management degrees also teach students how to properly perform quality and risk assessments, which are an ongoing requirement of most projects. Graduates will be able to work as mid-level managers in different industries.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Industrial/organizational psychology is a unique field that brings together applied psychology with organizational management. These programs provide students with the fundamental knowledge needed to excel in a variety of functions within HR roles in businesses and government agencies. Students will learn how to manage and motivate talent through employee development programs. Students will know how to cultivate leadership and organizational skills in others. They will also know how to perform in-depth organizational assessments that identify opportunities for improvements. A bachelor’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology will cover everything from cognitive psychology to organizational behavior.


As regulatory bodies and the public pay closer attention to how corporations behave, worker safety is becoming an important PR topic. Therefore, many industry-based companies are prioritizing worker safety as they strive to demonstrate their commitment to their employees and customers. A bachelor’s in occupational safety online will empower the graduate to work in almost any field. These programs share common learning objectives, such as teaching students to effectively manage occupational safety and health programs within organizations. Students will also learn how to oversee workplace analysis and hazard prevention processes. Finally, students will be able to provide expert input and consultation regarding diverse safety and health issues.

Clearly, a specialized degree is an excellent way to catch a potential employer’s eye and secure a satisfying, long-term career.

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