10 Must Have Education Apps

By Mark M.

Today in this fast-paced world everyone is focused on making their life easy. The advancement of technology has made life better. Mobile devices are very common these days and with the availability of apps, the importance of digital devices is increasing day by day. No one can deny the importance of a mobile phone in daily life.

The impact of mobile devices on our everyday life and activities is absolutely nonstop. These days, people are even using various education apps for learning new things. Apps can make the learning process easier as they allow you to learn at your own pace in the way you want, such as through videos (TED Talks, YouTube), reading (Kindle), flash cards (Brainscape), or taking quizzes (Quizlet). It all depends on you; technology is becoming a boon for all of us.

There are apps for learning virtually every subject. For example, the Memrise app is a fun way to learn a new language. Photomath is the world’s smartest camera calculator and math assistant! Just point your camera toward a math problem and this app will show the result with solution. Socratic is a similar app that works for math, science, history, English, and more. Simply take a photo of your homework question and get answers, solutions, explanations, and videos. GradeProof offers AI proofreading directly from your browser, so you can check your writing.

In addition to homework help, there are general productivity apps that support the educational process. For example, OneNote is a digital note-taking app, and Evernote is the app that keeps your notes organized. These apps are not only for students but can be used by anyone in day to day life.

The below infographic highlights some of the most common and useful education apps. I hope you will enjoy reading it!

education appsSource: https://australianassignmenthelp.com/assignment-help

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