Fighting for the Soul of Your Child (Book Review & Giveaway)

As a parent, you want your child to be happy and successful. You might focus on their clothes, curfews, and crushes. But do you know that there is something more important to fight for? Your child’s soul!

Fighting for the Soul of Your Child by Jimmy and Karen Evans, along with their daughter Julie Evans Albracht, is a practical guide for parents seeking to nurture and raise their child in an increasingly challenging world. Unlock the secrets to open and honest communication with your child to strengthen your family bond and create a loving, supportive environment.

Whatever the age of your child, this book will be helpful. Fighting for the Soul of Your Child is a timeless, lifelong resource that will guide you through the various stages of your child’s growth. Gain valuable insights on handling common parenting challenges, from peer pressure to technology addiction, while learning how to safeguard your child’s emotional and spiritual well-being.

Written by a mother, father, and their daughter, Fighting for the Soul of Your Child gives the advice of two generations from the same family. This provides the unique perspective of two parents and a grown-up child who is also a parent. Discover practical strategies and insights to empower your role as a parent in shaping your child’s future.

God gave you this child, and He has equipped you to raise them. Allow God’s Word to determine your agenda. Fighting for the Soul of Your Child is full of quotes from scripture. The authors’ constant Bible references shows that what they are recommending is biblically based. Explore ways to nurture your child’s faith and values, helping them develop a strong moral compass.

With practical, how-to wisdom, Fighting for the Soul of Your Child equips parents with the tools and knowledge they need to raise resilient, spiritually grounded, and emotionally healthy children. Real-life stories and examples are included to illustrate the principles discussed in each chapter.

This book is presented in three sections. They all have to do with warfare – because as a parent, you must fight for the soul of your child. Your child is a gift from God, and fighting for their soul is a worthy battle.

Section 1: Rules of Engagement

  • How to do battle with the world to save the souls of your children.

Section 2: Boot Camp

  • How to set the right priorities and prepare your family for the fight.

Section 3: Battlefields

  • How to face battlefields with confidence.

The battlefields in this war are communication, discipline, and sexuality. Some of the content is pretty straightforward about subjects that many of us find difficult or embarrassing to talk about! But don’t let fear, shame, or anxiety make you feel inadequate for the task.

Finally, there is the Epilogue. It contains an encouraging message to parents of grown children who they think are unsaved. Don’t despair; it’s not too late!

Parents, start Fighting for the Soul of Your Child today! Experience the transformation in your family relationships as you implement the proven strategies shared in this practical guide to Biblical parenting.

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