Homeschooling Teen – December 2018

The December issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is now online!

There are quite a few holiday-related articles in this issue… Enjoy!



Editor’s Column

Letter from the Editor: December 2018

Homeschooling Teen is a monthly online magazine for homeschooled high schoolers, with articles BY Homeschool Teens… FOR Homeschool Teens!


Homeschooling Teen Profile

Zena Pare: Homeschooler and ASL Lover

Zena’s interest in American Sign Language led to opportunities not just to assist others, but to make her mark as a student.


Homeschool Friendly College

Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University, home of the Hilltoppers.


Homeschooling High School

Amazon Study Quiz

Amazon Study Quiz (Beta) for Introductory Biology and Economics students lets you take quizzes, review results, and access study materials – free!


Homeschool Electives

History 101: Western Heritage

This free online course gives you a complete overview of the grand and unique story of Western civilization.


College Life

GAP Year Missionary Internship Programs

Gap year missions opportunities in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.



The Best Careers for People with Beards

Everyone loves Santa Claus with his big white bushy beard, but can you get a regular job if you have a beard?


Right-Wing Teen

What Good’s an Election Anyway?

With the bureaucracy getting bigger and Congress becoming a laughingstock, what’s the point of elections?


Read the Bible

The Twelve Days of Christmas

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” can be used as a teaching tool to instruct young people in the meaning and content of Christianity.


Her Homeschooled Highness Reviews

Nutcracker by E.T.A. Hoffmann – Translated by Ralph Manheim

What do you get when you combine candy, a gluttonous mouse, and blood? The original Nutcracker story!


Game Reviews

Educational Brain Games by the Dozen

These 12 games bridge the gap between learning and fun.


Product Reviews

10 Cool Gifts with a STEM Twist

Teens want to get cool gifts; parents want to buy educational gifts. STEM gifts are an easy way to combine learning, creativity, and fun.


The World Around Us

Holiday Donation Guide

No matter your budget or schedule, there are many ways you can help bring joy to families in need this holiday season.


Teen Tech Talk

PhotographyTalk Scholarship

PhotographyTalk will select one student to receive a $1,000 scholarship based on their winning essay or video submission.



National Debt Relief STEM Scholarship

National Debt Relief is offering a scholarship for students interested in STEM majors.



The Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship

Have you witnessed the challenges that addiction can present, or helped someone overcome substance use disorder?



How to Build an Off-Grid Lifestyle in the City

The number of people trying to incorporate some of the benefits of living off-grid into their modern lifestyle is on the rise.


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Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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