Work at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist

Why is medical transcription a good fit for home-educated teens and families?  Deborah Burns, the owner of a Phoenix-based medical transcription service, says it’s because MTs work independently, with little supervision, and must have common sense, along with a good work ethic.

Medical transcriptionists type/transcribe from audio recordings. The reports involve interesting stories about people and include operative reports, progress notes, consultation reports, letters and more.  The medical record is complex and technical.  It requires a good grasp of medical terminology, pharmaceuticals, anatomy, but most importantly, a huge amount of practice with live, hands-on dictation/transcription.  An MT must be able to figure out, quickly and accurately, what a doctor is intending to say.

Most medical transcriptionists work from home via the internet, but can also work in a hospital or office.  Another career option for MTs is working as a scribe, or a doctor’s shadow, developing and writing the records on behalf of healthcare providers.

There are many opportunities for a good medical transcriptionist and there are no age restrictions!


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  1. The medical record is complex and technical. It required good and fast technique to maintain it. Medical Transcription Service provide everything that’s required for it.

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