Poem: Colors of the King

Colors of the King

Blue for the sky on a star filled night,

Green for the grass underneath my feet,

Yellow for the sun that never loses its warmth,

Clear for the tears that He cried,

Brown for the cross He was hung upon,

And red for the blood that He shed,

Red for the blood that ran down His head,

Red for the holes in His hands,

Red for the blood that can save every man.
~by Serenity Dodd


Serenity’s Bio: My name is Serenity Dodd, I’m 16 and I live in Clifton, TN. My column will contain everything from poems to drawings as well as articles on life lessons learned, and making big decisions (hopefully the right decisions). I hope reading my column can bring a smile to your face, our help you through a hard time.

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