Engaging Your Homeschooled Teens to Express Themselves with Photography Online

By Ken

Photography can be an excellent medium for a teen to express him or herself which doesn’t have to cost a lot of money in today’s world. As nearly all smartphones have decent photographic capabilities, many teens have access to world of beauty and art in their pockets. As most children relish in receiving attention, these images can be posted online for all to see – which could further develop a teens esteem and confidence for future work. How can your teen be encouraged to continue photographic expression?

1. The Equipment – As stated above, most smartphones are capable of taking high-resolution imagery that surpasses basic cameras from several decades ago. As apps can add filters and other effects, nearly anyone can create amazing pieces of art from a simple image. Although there may be a great amount of tools available in mobile devices that can alter images, those programs offered on computer systems can be far superior.

2. Image Editing Software – There are many apps your teen can use online that are completely free to use in order to maximize the effects of image editing. While apps such as Pixlr Editor are reminiscent of Photoshop, other apps like iPiccy allows a great deal of effects and changes to create a great deal of individuality.

3. Social Media – Social interaction is an important aspect of a teen’s life. While they may spend more time on social sites than parents may like, teaching them responsibility can help provide them with the necessities to keep them safe. Many of the free online image editing software can be shared across some of the most popular social media sites. It’s a positive way that a teen can gain the approval of peers without resorting to asinine activities. The images themselves can be asinine, but it’s better than the alternative of your teen’s actions in the real world.

4. Pinterest and Flickr – If your teen shows interest in photography and graphic editing, why not encourage them to utilize sites like Pinterest and Flickr in order to keep their imagery immortalized? If the images are well developed and interesting, he or she can see how much of an impact it has made by how many times it was “repinned” or used around the website. As these sites can easily be linked to social media such as Facebook, it could be a great self-esteem boost for the teen to witness how often the images are spread around.

5. Your Involvement – By focusing on the strengths of your child, you don’t have to set them up for failure. Although a teen may want more freedom and responsibility, they still need your guidance. While you have the benefit of wisdom from experience, your teen does not. As long as your teen understands that you are there for them regardless of circumstance, you give them the option to turn to you. Encourage your teens strengths in order to promote a successful environment.

Photography and image editing can be a stress relieving activity in order to help anyone vent. Much like a hobby, it is an activity that can be controlled by the individual which allows them to express themselves in a form that is non-violent. It could be a method to enhance a person’s self-esteem if the work is good enough to become a viral sensation. Just remind the teen that while one person may see an image as trash, another person could view it as art. As long as he or she likes the image, that is all that matters.

Author Bio: Ken holds a master’s in business leadership from Upper Iowa University and multiple bachelor degrees from Grand View College. As president of Morningsidenannies.com, Ken’s focus is helping Houston-based parents find the right childcare provider for their family. When he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his three children and his wife.

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