Manabi Straight!

Forward, GO! The year is 2035. A declining birth rate has forced the closure of many schools, simply because there are not enough students. Seioh High School remains open, but morale is low.

Manami “Manabi” Amamiya is an energetic, cheerful girl who tries to do her best at everything. On the day she transferred to Seioh, a meeting was held by the Student Council to ask for volunteers to be the next Student Council President. After no response from the apathetic audience, Manabi barges in the door and volunteers. She promises to love the school and do her best.

Mika “Mikan” Inamori is the lone member of the Student Council (at least, until a certain someone came through the door…). She is a shy and rather clumsy girl, often falling down or running into something. She also always has a :3 face on. (On a side note: her hairstyle and ribbon remind me a lot of Cirno. Her personality is child-like, but not in Cirno fashion, though…)

Mutsuki “Mucchii” Uehara is an excellent athlete. The various athletic clubs invite her to help them out, and she doesn’t turn them down. So she participates in several other clubs as an honorary member. She also helps out at the Student Council, despite not being an official member.

Mei “Mee-chan” Etoh is a very shy girl. When greeted by other students, she won’t usually respond. Despite her seemingly cold nature, she wants to be friendly, she just doesn’t know how. Somehow, she ends up helping Manabi with one of the Student Council’s first projects. She is also a wizard with technology.

Momoha “Momo” Odori is a member of the journalism club, and is often seen with a camcorder in her hand. She’s a quiet girl, and doesn’t always get directly involved with the Student Council, but she does do a good job of video taping.

Episode themes revolve around Student Council activities, and their promotion of an upcoming school festival. On the last day of summer vacation, the Student Council is working very hard in order to finish some planning for the student festival. Working long hours in the heat of summer is not very good for you. Believe me, I know.

One final thing I feel the urge to point out: In one episode, a calendar can be seen in the background. It says June 2035, but it shows the month starting on Monday instead of Friday like it actually will. Only crazy people like me would have noticed that.

On another note, the music in this series was superb, and I approve of it.

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