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What Your Homeschooler Can Learn From Video Games

By Corinne Jacob For many homeschooled teenagers, there is a period where unstructured learning translates to playing video games pretty much all the time. No matter how strongly one believes in learning the natural way, there are bound to be a few misgivings about letting your child sit in front of the gaming console the […]

Legend of Grimrock

A Game Review, by Super Searcher “Legend of Grimrock” is a fantasy game. Its gameplay is similar to “Dungeon & Dragons;” in fact, it even gives you an option to play on a blank, white grid. But if you’re not one to play that way, it has a first person view where you walk through […]

Good Old Games: The Best Games in History

GOG.com (formerly Good Old Games) is a computer game reseller owned by Polish game publisher CD Projekt and headquartered in the Mediterranean island country of Cyprus. Their customer base is 50% American and 50% from the rest of the world. The company offers legacy games at bargain prices for both PC and Mac, repackaging older […]

Spiral Knights

This is a review of the game “Spiral Knights.” It is a free online massively multiplayer game that has Co-op and PvP gameplay. “Spiral Knights” is about a group of refugees whose ship was damaged in an accident. They are forced to evacuate to a nearby planet called Cradle. You start off as one of […]