What it Takes to Be a Nanny

A very common job for responsible teenagers is being a nanny for a family because of its easy schedule and good pay. Though it can be a difficult job at times it can be rewarding with many great benefits. Here is the info you need to know before you become a nanny:

Job duties: Being a nanny is more than just being a babysitter on a Saturday night for a family. Working for a family as a nanny means that you become part of their family. Typically a nanny works daily in the family’s home, with or without the parents being home. Your tasks include everything that the child needs throughout the day, from waking them up, getting them dressed, meals, playing, taking them to activities and teaching them basic skills. Depending on the family, your nanny duty can include chores around the home and sometimes errands like grocery shopping. Your job as a nanny is to guide and uphold the family practices and values they want in their children’s life. You are there to aid and help them through their child’s growth.

What families look for: Families want a nanny that is first and foremost, responsible. This means never being late and always doing the right thing when it comes to working with the children. A good nanny needs to be a leader with a creative mind. You are there to enhance the children’s life and a creative mind helps this. Patience is more than a virtue it is a nanny’s must have personality trait; working with kids can get frustrating at times. Most families are looking for those that have experience but are willing to work with those who do not but have the passion to nanny.

Benefits: Being a nanny has a lot of benefits, most of all its fun and rewarding! Having the ability to not only help a family out but to help mold and become part of a child’s life is an amazing feeling. Your days are spent with youthful and silly minds; it’s hard not to smile. Of course there will be demanding and difficult days but that comes with any job. You will learn a lot from being a nanny that you can apply to other aspects of your life like responsibility, leadership and patience.

How to find a nanny job: There are different ways you can find the right nannying job for you. You can start asking around to families that you know that already have a nanny. Word of mouth is the cheapest and easier way to find the family. You could also try going online and working with reliable nanny matching sites. These sites connect you to the families that are in need and from there you and the family work on seeing if it is the right fit.

Being a nanny is not for everyone, it’s for those who are serious and devoted to helping children. To figure out if it is the right job for you, speak with your parents, other nannies and make the decision. It’s a wonderful experience that no one should miss out on!

Author Byline: Kelsey is the editor in chief for www.findananny.net. She loves to write articles and ideas that parents and nannies would be interested in hearing. She helps society on giving information about nannies through nanny services. She is a professional writer and loves writing on anything.

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