Month: October 2012

College Life: How Many Credits Should I Take?

By Archer With the social life pressures, peer pressure, the stress of adulthood and the stress of classes, college can be quite the daunting and intimidating situation. But, fear not, there are plenty of people (friends, colleagues, parents, academic advisors and professors) who are more than willing to help you and guide you along the […]

Verity Institute

Are you interested in earning a degree but concerned about secular worldviews, potential cost, or long time commitments? If you are seeking a different kind of education experience, you might be interested in the Verity Institute. Verity is a college-level program that helps you obtain a fully-accredited, debt-free Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree from a biblical […]

Career-of-the-Month: Firefighter

Every year, fires destroy billions of dollars worth of property and take many lives. Firefighters help to protect the life and property of the general public by working to prevent, combat, and extinguish fires. Many people want to become firefighters because the job is challenging and gives them a chance to help others. But fighting […]

What Will You See? The Dangers of Texting and Driving

The Razor’s Edge, by Madeleine Richey I just acquired my driver’s permit not too long ago, and I was also, very recently, involved in a minor car accident, (though I wasn’t driving). These, along with a few other things I’ll tell you about later, prompted me to choose texting and driving as this month’s topic. […]

The World Around Us

by Adrianna Kuzma Note: This is not the typical “World Around Us” essay; it’s an allegory that I wrote. –Adrianna One day Elephant was pregnant with her first baby son. The next day Elephant woke up to find a very small but unique baby elephant standing in front of her. “Hello small one,” said Elephant, […]

Meet the Skeptic

The Christian faith almost always meets skepticism. Have you ever struggled to communicate with a skeptic about topics like faith and ethics? Are you equipped to effectively handle the skeptic’s questions and debates? Meet the Skeptic: A Field Guide to Faith Conversations is a 142-page softcover book by Christian apologist Bill Foster. He offers a […]

The Princess and the Hound

Bookshelf of a (Maybe) Teen Author, by Emily Russell My mother and I visited a used bookstore, Gottwals, to use a gift card. I found several books I’d read before and wanted to own, along with a few writing books, but only one novel I had not already read: The Princess and the Hound. I […]


by DBbuilder For the past year I’ve been a Xulu alpha tester. Xulu Entertainment is a California company that is developing a massively multiplayer virtual world for creating, sharing and playing high-definition 3D games. Xulu’s alpha phase has now gone public! Anyone can come to and register to play for free. All you need is […]

A Summer Day’s Dream – Episode 2

At long last. After four years, episode 2 has come upon us. It’s a little light on the plot-sauce, (especially given how long we waited for it,) but the jokes were fun, and made me chuckle. The art and animation is much improved as well. In addition to the cast of the first episode, we […]

Horse Breed Heaven: The American Saddlebred

By Kayla Bignall  Hi there horse fans! This month we will be discussing the American Saddlebred. The American Saddlebred is a larger horse. It stands at 15-17 hands and weighs 1000 to 1200 pounds. It originated in Kentucky and Missouri with bloodlines from Morgans, Thoroughbreds, and English horses. There are no color restrictions for Saddlebreds […]

Stepping Stones

A Monthly Devotional, by Michaela Popielski I can’t believe we are 9/12ths through with the year. Crazy right? On a different note, for this month’s article, I didn’t really have any inspiration other than God’s love for us. I know this is talked about a lot but the other day I saw a documentary about […]

The Sports Report

by Caela The US Open of Tennis This year’s US Open winners are Andy Murray of Scotland for the men and Serena Williams of the United States for the women. This is Andy Murray’s first major win to add to his Olympic gold medal. This is Serena Williams’ 15th major win and her fourth US […]

Ashley’s Column: My Crazy Wacky Life

by Ashley Cline   D.O.G When I was younger, I was terrified of dogs. Down right, deathly terrified, of dogs. Our neighbors have dogs, you see, and at night they would bark at their fence facing our house, all night long. Those dogs gave me nightmares, so I became terrified of them. Now that you […]