Your Fashion Signature… Style for the Gents

By MaryssaJoy

Clean shirt, new shoes, and I don’t know where I’m going to.
Silk suit, black tie, I don’t need a reason why.
They come runnin’ just as fast as they can,
Because every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.  -ZZ Top

How do women want men to dress? Surprisingly men and women have close to the same standards. I discovered this when I had the following conversation with my twenty-year-old brother.

Me: “I don’t think girls are very particular about how guys look. I mean he doesn’t have to wear Hollister and, like, the expensive brands as long as he puts some effort into it. Personally, I wouldn’t even want him to be into every new trend or anything. But guys want girls that look like they came out of a magazine.”

My Brother: “No we don’t. We want the same thing. I thought girls wanted guys to dress really nice. They’re the one’s who are really into fashion.”

His point of view surprised me. Now, I see men want women who put some effort into their looks without being overly concerned about their appearance. Well, for any guy wondering; women want the same thing! On the other hand, if someone is inclined to care about fashion and the hottest trends, that’s fine too. Some women and some men find that attractive so make sure to be your self. A picture speaks a thousand words so here are some photos:

Button downs. Excellent for church or social dinners. Don’t unbutton third button unless you have an undershirt.

Undershirts. A must have for heavier guys; a good idea for anyone.

Fashionable guys

Some girls really appreciate it when guys try this hard, so if you are into that, go ahead, but don’t feel pressure.



T-shirts like this one are a great option pretty much everyday. But, don’t get stuck in a rut where they’re all you wear. Not all t-shirts are created equal. Wear something that’s fits. Honestly, MOST guys wear their shirt a little too loose. Avoid that. Don’t wear them too tight or low either. T-shirts without words on them always seem a little dressier so keep a few around; you can wear these on many occasions.




So guys…


1. Wear button downs, t-shirts and polos interchangeably

2. Wear nice jeans with a belt

3. Dress appropriately for every situation

4. Pay attention to how you look


1. Wear crap t-shirts when in public unless you are doing some sort of labor

2. Wear your pants on the ground

3. Feel like you have to be a fashionable guy

4. Feel like you can’t be a fashionable guy

5. Wear capris, low cut V-neck shirts, or socks with flip flops

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