Becoming Me (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, Book 1) by Melody Carlson

Bookshelf of a (Maybe) Teen Author, by Emily Russell

When I received an invitation to review this book, I couldn’t believe my luck! The original Diary of a Teenage Girl book by Melody Carlson was available for review? Of course I immediately requested it, and after much impatient waiting my paperback arrived. I read through it much faster than most review books; I wasn’t disappointed. The great reviews and talk surrounding this book are definitely earned.

In Becoming Me, a newly sixteen-year-old girl writes about her struggles with new friends, boys, family problems, and life in general. As she climbs the popularity ladder at school, gains the affection of the most popular boy in school, and discovers a secret that could destroy her family, she shares her innermost thoughts and feelings with her diary. Through this book, readers gain a peek inside one teenager’s heart and laugh or cry along with her.

Just like her other books, Melody Carlson deals with important but touchy and often taboo topics. Issues teenagers deal with on a daily basis, from the minefield of friendships and popularity to the often ignored problem of teen pregnancy, are brought into the light rather than tiptoed around. Carlson writes clearly but kindly, not avoiding or celebrating the sins and struggles mentioned.

The characters are easy to believe for the most part, and readers can definitely relate to them. The storyline isn’t dramatized past reality, but it isn’t simple or flat, either. In this book, realness is key. Real Christianity versus tradition. Real friendship versus popularity. Real relationships versus using people to get what you want. I give this book five stars, and hope to see the next installment available for review as well.

I received this book for free through Glass Road Public Relations in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. [Editor’s Note: You can read an excerpt from Chapter One here.]

Emily Rachelle is a homeschooled sophomore in love with Jesus and the color green.  You can read more book reviews, as well as poetry, opinions, and everyday chatter at her blog, Struggles of a (Maybe) Teen Author.

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