Can My Homeschooled Child Attend University?

By Melissa Murdoch

The question, “Can my homeschooled child attend University?” is a perpetual one for homeschooling parents. The fact of the matter is that yes, a homeschooled child can absolutely attend university, and some institutions even lay aside spots in their freshmen classes for homeschooled students.

Many homeschooling families report that their friends and families tell them that, by homeschooling their child, they are depriving their child of the possibility of attending tertiary studies. Fortunately, this is not the case. All it takes is a little research into the way your preferred universities work, ahead of schedule, and you can tailor some of your homeschooling activities toward achieving university entry. In fact, you may be able to do so much more effectively than the strained school system.

Let’s think about your local school system. They are busy teaching various subjects but do they provide any extra help for national college exams? How can you make sure that when your child sits for college exams that they will be ready for all the material? If you ask your teen to devote more time to studying after the hours of homework they are already taking on, you are most likely going to get some resistance unless they are particularly academically oriented. Both you and your child have worked hard so that they can be the very best, and do and be whatever or whoever they want to be. If you have decided to take your child’s education into your own hands by homeschooling you can still get into any institution in the country.

College Preparation

When your child gets to high school level, this is the time to start scoping out potential college institutions and their requirements. This way, if you need extra years of a certain subject, you can plan the secondary coursework accordingly. You will also want to look at their entrance exam requirements and prepare accordingly for those exams. After the freshman year of high school (or beginning of the 6th form in the UK) you will want to start doing research on potential institutions, building relationship with admissions offices, and taking stock of testing requirements and coursework.

High School Diplomas

When it comes to the question of “Do you have a high school diploma?” the answer to that question varies. There are three ways to deal with the high school diploma situation.

  • You can issue one yourself, sign it yourself, and let that be the end of it.
  • Private schools may issue you one with the appropriate records and materials.
  • Your child can take the GED and have that certification as their testament to their secondary education.


One Last Thought

In conclusion, please keep in mind that there will be an adjustment period for your child between the homeschooling environment and the college environment, especially interaction in the classroom. This will be minimized if they have already taken some subjects at community college, however. They will however, be able to manage their time effectively, interact with all kinds of people, and have a well-rounded learning experience.

About the Author: Melissa Murdoch has a passion for life span development and education, and believes wholeheartedly that a healthy society begins at home. For further information on how to get started in homeschooling, please visit

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