The Whiteboard

A column by Peter (age 18)

Today I’m talking about Doc Nickel’s The Whiteboard, Alaska’s Coolest Paintball Webcomic! Quite humorous, and up there on my list of favorite webcomics.

As is implied by the tagline, it involves paintball. If you’re like me, and you’ve never played paintball, don’t worry. The comic is still great fun. We’ve got a polar bear who not only plays paintball, but loves to build stuff that messes with the fabric of space-time.

Casually playing with dangerous materials is not uncommon. I mean, they use LOX to light their giant grill made out of a converted tanker truck! Radioactive isotopes are given as presents at Christmastime. And just like on Mythbusters, ‘add more dynamite’ is always a perfectly acceptable course of action.

And in the midst of the comic, is a free recipe for Ma’s Spicy Garlic Meatballs. All outward appearances make it seem like a joke, but me being me, I had to whip up a batch to see how good 10 bulbs of garlic really taste. And the result was actually quite tasty, even though I’m not normally a garlic person. (Though I cheated a little, and only put in two tablespoons of Tabasco instead of four. (I was unable to strip off anodizing with my breath though, kinda a bummer…)

The early strips didn’t have a big cohesive story going for them, but later strips have long story arcs spanning a lot of strips. But I always like starting from the beginning regardless, so here it is:

In a recent story, Doc (the main character) battled a squid that mutated out of leftover food that had been forgotten in the fridge. I was listening to some music while reading it, and I thought: “Hey! This goes pretty good with it!” So I saved all the strips on my computer, and put them into Windows Movie Maker. Then I put the music in, adjusted the length of each panel, and voila!

Watch it on YouTube, and let me know what you think.


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