The Homeschoolers Guide To College

New Book by a Homeschool Graduate!

The Homeschoolers Guide To College, by Chris Backe

What happens to a homeschooler after they finish homeschooling? I have just finished writing a book called The Homeschoolers Guide To College. As a homeschool graduate (2000) and a recent college graduate (2004), I’m well aware of how different things are between homeschooling and college. The Homeschoolers Guide To College has chapters on making the transition into college, a chapter for parents eyes only, and getting admitted to college. After starting college, it continues with chapters on getting started at college, the social scene, classes, and writing papers.

Skeet Savage, editor of Home School Digest, has this to say: “Meticulously researched and impeccably presented. Your unique perspective as a homeschool graduate establishes your authoritative presence, and qualifies this title as an exceptionally valuable resource for college-bound students.”

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