Motivational Fruits and Veggies

By Teri O.

Have you seen all of the cute little handcrafted crochet fruits and vegetables holding placards with positive messages on them? I don’t know if these motivational fruits and veggies will be the next Beanie Babies or anything, but they sure are adorable! And they’re motivational to boot! I have a whole collection of them now! Check these out…

4-piece Crochet Fruits & Veggies

This is the set that started it all! I have a narrow magnetic shelf attached to the side of a filing cabinet in my room, and I was trying to think of something good that would fit on it. Then I saw this bunch of cute little crochet fruits and veggies, and thought they’d be perfect! They are just as adorable in person as they are in the pictures! If you like puns, you’ll love the sayings on their tiny signs! They make me smile every time I look over and see them. They sit nicely on top of the 2” shelf. The pickle is 4″ tall. They’re really well made, too. You get a pickle, potato, avocado, and pineapple.

3-piece Inspirational Veggies

I already had the first set of positive veggies, but then I went searching for more and found these. This set contains a cabbage, a carrot, and a scallion. They’re hand knitted and really well made. They are so adorable, they look exactly like the pictures! They all feature an uplifting message. I also like that the name of the vegetable is included on the signs they’re holding. These veggies make me smile every time I glance over and see them on the shelf beside my desk – which means they’re doing their job!

Positive Pickle

With the addition of this one, I have boy and girl pickles now! They call this a mini pickle, but it seems big enough to me. It’s 4” tall x over 1.5” wide. Just like a real pickling cucumber, it’s green with a pretty yellow flower on top. Unlike real pickles, this one has a cute face and is holding a sign with an uplifting message. We could all use a little more positivity these days! And if you like puns, you will love the saying. The pickle comes in a zip-loc bag with an inspirational card enclosed. The pickle is hand knitted and really well made so you’ll be happy to have it on display. It will make you smile every time you see it! In fact, everyone who sees it will make a “Big Dill” about this pickle! It had a few strings of glue attached, but they were easy to pick off. This pickle would be a nice gift for someone who could use a bit of encouragement.

Positive Potatoes

I love these cute little Positive Potatoes by Neliblu! If you’re going to give some crochet figures as a gift, these potatoes have the best packaging I’ve seen by far. The tubers come stacked on top of each other in a clear plastic tube. They’re really well made, too. The potatoes are adorable, and they look exactly like the pictures! The smaller potato is more round and the larger one is more odd-shaped, just like real potatoes. If you like puns, you will love the signs they’re holding! They each feature an uplifting message that makes me smile. The age level says 3+ but these aren’t really meant to be playthings because the signs are made of cardstock that could be easily damaged. These potatoes are novelty items meant to be displayed on a desk or shelf, or given as a fun gift to anyone who needs a little encouragement.

If you love fruits and veggies, witty pickles, or just plain old potatoes, I bet at least one of these playful foods brought a smile to your face, am I right? Now I just have to get the set with the eggplant and tomato in it – including a lemon that says “Squeeze the day!”  Yeah, I can’t get enough of these cute little positivity dolls! Any extras will be good to give away and brighten up other people’s days.

P.S. I’m not very good at DIY handicrafts myself, but if you’d rather make your own crochet foods, this crochet kit of 8 fruits and 6 veggies would be a fun summer project!

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