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Learning Styles

Learn about the VARK method for classifying learning styles and register for your individual learning styles mini assessment.

Sam and Mary Anna Salo

Sam and Mary Anna Salo, a twin brother and sister from Wisconsin, are homeschool and college graduates who offer tutoring in their respective areas of expertise. Sam Salo: Teaching Through Games Sam Salo is a graphic artist, computer programmer, and video game designer with a vision to provide high-quality, Christ-centered tutoring and group classes in […]

Nicole Bianchi

Nicole Bianchi is a self-employed freelance web designer and WordPress consultant based in New York City. She also founded Inkwell Scholars Academy, a business that offers writing classes and private tutoring for middle school and high school students. The Inkwell Scholars website combines her two passions: writing and web design. “Since I learned how to […]

Criteria to Look for in Homeschooling Services

By Martha Buckley As the American educational system continues to lose ground on the world stage, more and more parents are teaching their kids at home. Although morality and religion sometimes play a part in home-based academic instruction, there are also real and measurable scholastic advantages. Fact: SAT scores fell to their lowest level since […]

The Noble Tradition of Tutoring

Many times when homeschoolers reach high school age, their parents often have second thoughts about teaching the more advanced subjects. This is especially true when college admissions and potential scholarships are at stake. If it’s just one or two subjects the parents are unsure about, they may want to consider hiring a private tutor. Tutors […]