10 Benefits of Homeschooling You Need To Know

By Cindy Bates

Homeschooling means what it sounds like. It means your children are taught in your own home. This can present some problems, but if you can get over them then there are many benefits to homeschooling.

1 – It is possible to strive ahead

A homeschooled child may march ahead a little faster than the others of his or her age group. A student can work faster and get a course done a lot quicker because the people running the schools are not able to accommodate people pushing ahead when it comes to their brighter students. A homeschooled child may get a full year ahead if the conditions are right.

2 – You get to see your child more

If you work a particularly tough job then you may not get to see your children very often. With homeschooling, there is a bigger chance that you can arrange the hours for teaching and school so that you may see your child more. You may be one of the tutors, in which case you can see your child as many times as you like. If your work shifts then you can have your children spend weekdays off school and have them work on school things over the weekend.

3 – It can be cheaper than a private school

It really depends how you go about it because you could ideally have a string of highly qualified tutors that come in and teach your child. However, some private schools are so expensive to the point where it really is cheaper to have your own tutors come in.

4 – The child may also be taught the family business

If you have a family business, then the child may learn that too whilst learning the things on school curriculum. Teaching the child the family business is an old-fashioned idea, but even if the child does not want to go into the family business, it is still free education. Who better to learn a trade from than the trade members within your family?

5 – Hours may vary to suit the family

The parents may work at different times or one kid may need special care. With homeschooling the hours may be changed to suit the family. The family may have numerous children of different ages, and homeschooling may make organizing lessons for each a little easier.

6 – Different lessons may be taught than those at school

You do not have to teach your child workshop when you may instead teach your child Japanese or computer programming. You are restricted in some senses, but even if you are forced to teach your child all that is on the curriculum, it doesn’t mean you cannot teach extra lessons.

7 – The quality of teaching may be better than in public school

Just like with private school, the quality of the teaching at home may be better than a public school. It really depends on the quality of the teachers. Public school teachers will vary widely in competency, but so will the tutors that are sent, so it may not all be roses and sunshine.

8 – It may keep the child out of trouble

If your child has a habit of getting expelled and suspended, then homeschooling may put a halt to the rowdy and bad behavior that is putting your child on the fast track to juvenile detention.

9 – It may help a child beat drug addiction

If your child has become addicted to drugs, then removing your child from school and homeschooling will make it lot harder for the child to get into trouble and find drugs. If your child keeps getting into trouble, then adult supervision at all times may be needed to help you monitor their behavior for signs of further drug use. If you are using tutors then they too have to be made aware of your child’s drug history.

10 – Your child is less likely to come to physical harm

Let’s face it, if your child is at home all day then how much damage can come to him/her. The only downside is that the child will still need to develop survival and social skills for when he or she has left home and is surrounded by real and much more dangerous hazards and threats.

Author Bio: Cindy Bates graduated last year and is now a young writing specialist and a private tutor for college students. She also writes for Bestessaytips.com.

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