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Four Great Resources for Homeschooled Teens

By Sarah Fudin In recent years, with the growth of public interest in education, the resources and tools available to homeschooled students have increased exponentially. As the United States strives to raise the bar and improve the quality of education for everyone, a greater emphasis has been placed on the performance of students everywhere. Due […]

Preparing for College Tests

By Randi St. Denis “You can’t prepare for the SAT.”  Educational Testing Service, the company that writes the SAT, has worked hard to convince people that they cannot improve their scores by studying for the test. But half a million students disagree and say that you can substantially improve your scores on college tests by […]

The Summer of Saint Nick, by Josh Burk

This review was originally published at http://www.knowledgehouse.info/review_SaintNick.html Josh Burk, a homeschool graduate, wrote his first book after finishing college. The goal was to create a novella for young teen readers that would be both entertaining and educational, seeking to improve the readers’ vocabulary while delivering a captivating story. The end result was The Summer of […]