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Ten Great Gifts for Homeschool Teens

Teens can be hard to shop for, especially when they only seem to like things with the letter “i” in front of them. As with any gift, consider the person’s interests, and then look for something a little bit different. Here are ten unique gift ideas for teens! Monopoly Empire Game– Hit the big time […]

Laughter, Tears, and Our Teen Years

by McKennaugh Today was another reminder of how we can’t understand someone completely, even if it’s someone we’re close to. During supper, we were having the same old conversation, joking on and off, speaking, but not really saying anything. My dad was talking about what he did at work, I was chatting about something so […]

On Growing Up…

Laughter, Tears, and Our Teen Years, by McKennaugh Next week, I’m turning 16. For some reason, 16 seems… well, old. Maybe just because I can drive, but it still seems different than my other birthdays. Strangely enough, it’s like it was just yesterday that I was playing “imaginary friends” with my brother and building my […]