Zoe’s Art Corner: Eamon

This is a drawing I did this month of the character Eamon from a movie called Sing Street.

Sing Street is an Irish movie that was made in early 2016. It takes place in Dublin in the 80s. It’s about the main character, Conor, starting a band with some other dudes to impress a girl he likes.

At around 1 am one night a few weeks ago, I watched it on Netflix and fell in love with it. I highly suggest seeing this movie! I even bought it the other day.

One of the characters I really took to was Eamon, so I figured why not draw him? I thought he was a very easy going, cute, and overall well written character.

Creating this was a bit of a challenge, though. I used a different way of coloring it, as opposed to the normal “technique” I’m used to.

It was super time consuming, but I’m mostly pleased with the turnout, so that’s good.

Plus it was good practice for future drawings that I color with this technique.

I hope you enjoy!

EamonCommission me at @Buffaloh.daisy on instagram or zachzoe409@gmail.com

Zoe Olson, 14, has been homeschooled since age five.

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