Zoe’s Art Corner: Ahusaka

Here is a drawing I’m very proud of, it’s a headshot of my new bison/buffalo character, Ahusaka!

I LOVE bison, so I decided it was about time I created an oc of one. (oc = original character)

Since this was my second attempt at drawing a bison, I had to reference (look at, basically) a photo of a real bison. They’re surprisingly tough, but fun to draw!

The accessories were the most entertaining to draw. Especially the feathers. I don’t believe I have ever tried drawing tribal accessories before this drawing!

The sketch I did was on paper, then I took a picture and emailed it to the computer, put it in my program, lined, colored, and shaded.



Zoe Olson, 13, has been homeschooled since age five.

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