Zoe Olson

zoe9Zoe Olson is a 13-year-old girl who has been given, by God, wonderful artistic ability. She has been drawing since the age of four.

Zoe has been homeschooled since age five. She spends her down time drawing traditionally (on paper) and digitally on her new graphics tablet on the Mac computer. She makes beautiful cards for her family members on all occasions.

Zoe comes from a family of artists including her dad, Kevin, her grandmothers, Nancy and Rose, as well as her aunt Luanne. Zoe also enjoys taking photographs of nature and her stuffed animals. She lives in Roscoe, Illinois with her parents, her brother Zach, and her two hermit crabs.

Zoe Olson Interview

Homeschooling Teen had the privilege of interviewing Zoe via e-mail. Below are the questions and answers, interspersed with some of Zoe’s artwork for you to enjoy!

HST: Would you consider yourself a self-taught artist? Have you had any formal art lessons?

Zoe: I am a self taught artist. I have not had any formal art lessons.


HST: Has the fact that you are homeschooled helped you in your artistic endeavors, and how?

Zoe: Being homeschooled has helped me really practice art on a daily basis.

zoe6HST: What inspires or influences your art? What are your favorite subjects?

Zoe: I am inspired by other artists my age that have their work online. My favorite things to draw are animals and My Little Pony.

zoe5HST: How do you start a piece of artwork? What is your creative process like?

Zoe: First, I sketch out what I am drawing. Then, I line it with a lining marker. Then I color it and shade it.

zoe4HST: What is the most challenging thing about making art?

Zoe: The most challenging thing about art for me is line art. Line art is when you outline the drawing after you sketch it.


HST: Where do you work on your art? Do you have a special place set aside just for your art work?

Zoe: I work on our iMac and graphic tablet, or at my art desk.

Zoe Olson picture-1HST: What are some of your favorite art supplies that you could not do without?

Zoe: Some of my supplies that I use are: my tablet pen, the Sketchbook Express program for digital art, colored pencils, and a Micron pen for lining on paper.

zoe11HST: Do you have any other hobbies or interests?

Zoe: I enjoy photography, collecting Webkinz, and swimming.

zoe8HST: What do you think you might like to do as a future career?

Zoe: I would like to be a graphic designer when I graduate.

See more artwork by Zoe in her new column, “Zoe’s Art Corner.” Thanks, Zoe, for sharing your artistic talents with us!


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  1. Hi Zoe!

    My name is Claire and I am a 13 year old artist as well 🙂 Your art is absolutely beautiful! My personal favorite is the panda <3 I also draw traditionally and digitally and would love it if we could chat ^.^ Also, I was wondering if you had a DeviantArt account, mine is Vesnagirl13 if you want to check out some of my art! I would love to talk to a fellow artist my age!


    1. Hi Claire,
      Thank you so much!
      I checked out your art and you’re amazing!
      I’d love to chat! Would you like to email, talk on deviant art, or other? c:
      my Deviant Art is ZoePug I think… but I don’t have all my art on there yet :0
      and my email is zachzoe409@gmail.com!

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