Wind Turbine: How it Works

When driving by a wind turbine farm, it’s impossible not to marvel at the sheer size and power of these impressive machines. Wind energy now supplies 4.5% of the electricity in the U.S. While that may seem small, it’s equivalent to about 15.5 million U.S. homes!

Though the science of wind turbines may appear modern, the concept has been around for millenniums. The wind turbine’s predecessor, the simple windmill, can be traced as far back as 200 B.C. when it was used for grinding grain and drawing water.

In 1888, the first electricity producing wind turbine was brought to the U.S. Today, wind energy powers everything from neighborhoods to schools to telecom towers.

The wind turbine is an engineering marvel. Have you ever wondered what keeps those massive propellers in motion? has created an animated infographic explaining how wind turbines work. (Click on the image below for a closer look.)

wind turbine

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