Why You Should Speak Up at Work



Even though it is important to speak your opinions at work, you must be careful and know when you should speak up and when you should just stay quiet.


Your Reputation

When you state your opinion about a specific subject at work, you must know about the subject. Depending on your role as a team player, you may not be able to verify your opinions! Sometimes the employees that are higher up than you become offended when a “less important” person states their opinion about “important-people-information” because they think the subject is too “smart”. If this happens to you, do not get discouraged!

Your Career

If you are the type of employee, who is always trying to get ahead in your profession, speaking up is going to be very important for you. You must speak up because most managers and bosses love when their employees speak their mind, as long as it is an appropriate subject. You never know, speaking up at work might even get you ahead or even promoted!

Your Future

Everyone has a certain picture of how his or her future should be. If your job is holding you back, you should speak up about it. Maybe you want to go school and get a degree so you can have a full-filling future. When thinking about speaking up about quitting your job, you must be very careful. Never act angry with anyone, or excited about leaving. In addition, you should always give your manager at least two weeks notice about your absence so that he or she can find a replacement. Maybe you would like to take a summer internship in China, well the only way you would be able to do that is if you moved there!

Your Family

Say you are not spending enough time with your family because you are spending too much time at work, this would be the time where you should speak up and tell your boss you are gone too much and you need more time away from work. Most bosses and managers would understand since family is the most important thing. Now, if you said you have to cut back on hours because you are studying to take a summer internship in China, I am sure your boss would not be as understanding.

Hoping For a Raise

Many people work their butts off for way too long before asking their bosses for a raise; do not be one of those people. When you feel exhausted by the duties or the hours you are performing at work, you should speak up to your boss about giving you a raise. Your boss has only two choices: 1) give you a raise and have you keep working for him or her, or, 2) say no and have you quit your job. Remember that just because your boss declines your suggestion about a raise, it does not mean you have to quit your job. You can still keep your job, but try to get your boss to compromise with you; for example, tell him or her to either give you a raise or cut your hours by a few so that you have more time and energy for yourself.

As a professional educational consultant, Adam works with associations and organizations who are actively engaged in teaching and guiding people for education. He has consulted with numerous schools, organizations, and companies. Adam is also an author, and his writing has appeared in numerous state and national educational publications, and educational websites. 

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