Why Employee Satisfaction Drives Company Performance

The kind of work environment provided by management has a huge impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. When you look at employee engagement, it all comes down to the bottom line. The operating margin and profit for high-engagement companies is shown to exceed that of low-engagement companies. Therefore, employee happiness should be at the forefront of any company’s agenda.

In the first chapter of his book Lead From the Heart, business consultant Mark Crowley wrote: “Pay, as a motivator, in fact, no longer ranks number one for most people” but rather “things like respect, recognition, and even fulfillment in the workplace have become much more important.” A good manager will help workers excel by finding ways to boost morale – such as offering kudos for meeting sales quotas, celebrations for meeting deadlines, and assorted employee perks. One of the best things is often just a simple pat on the back for a job well done, because employees like to know that their boss appreciates the work that they do.

Managers have a broad array of tools at their disposal for increasing the engagement and motivation of workers such as benefits, compensation, and promotion. However, Crowley noted that “traditional remedies to disengagement no longer are effective. Where once the promise of greater pay could quickly restore spirits, workers have grown more immune to its influence” (Crowley, 2013). Millennial workers realize that money is not everything, so they tend to shop around for jobs that also have something else to offer; i.e. they are more interested in whether a job will serve their needs.

The main thing that can really set one company apart from another is its nurturing of relationships, work-life balance, and personal/career development. That being said, the leadership of any organization must set a positive tone. If you have even just one manager with a bad attitude, it can cause a ripple effect that leads to a dysfunctional and unhappy work environment. In order to improve workplace morale, management should go the extra mile towards increasing employee satisfaction.

The below infographic from Maiden Stride explains why employee satisfaction drives company performance.

Source: https://www.maidenstride.com/lucknow

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