Who Was Walt Disney? By Whitney Stewart

A Book Review by Naomi Downing

Back Cover:

Walt Disney always loved to entertain people. Often it got him into trouble. Once he painted pictures with tar on the side of his family’s white house. His family was poor, and the happiest time of his childhood was spent living on a farm in Missouri. His affection for small-town life is reflected in Disneyland Main Streets around the world. With black-and-white illustrations throughout, this biography reveals the man behind the magic.

This book is not authorized, licensed or endorsed by the Walt Disney Company or any affiliate.

My Review:

One quick note before I get started: This is a children’s book. That’s not really good or very bad, I just wanted to state that fact! 🙂

This book, I think even for more advanced readers like myself ;), was good for just stating facts, opening doors. Other then being the creator of Disney World and Disneyland, what did Walt Disney do?

Did you know he drove an ambulance during the very end of World War I?

Did you know that one of his daughters was adopted?

One time a good portion of the Disney employees went on strike!

I thought it was cool how a children’s book could contain so much information that would interest me so much! (Maybe I should start reading more children’s books? 😉 )

This is a pretty good book if you want to share a little information with children and just who Walt Disney was before he became the Walt Disney of Disney World.

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Downing is a homeschooled high school student who live on a small farm in the middle of no where. She enjoys reading, writing, taking pictures and dreaming about her future. She blogs at naomiandbooks.wordpress.com.

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