What It Really Means To Have a Learning Disability

What it Really Means to Have a Learning DisabilityBy Brooke Chaplan

Learning disabilities are often hard for others to understand. If you look healthy and can understand most things, people tend to think you’re simply not working hard enough or that you’re lazy. A learning disability can cause you to discredit yourself before you make an attempt, and it can severely hamper your ability to succeed in life. Many children who have ADHD will continue to have problems as teenagers. For example, young drivers with ADHD have more accidents than those who don’t. If you have a disability like ADHD, it’s important to know your options and work toward a better life.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Much attention has been given to ADHD, but few people realize there are three main ways this disorder presents itself. A person may be inattentive, hyperactive or impulsive, or a combination of these. Women and girls tend to showcase ADHD as inattentive, and it also leads to a lower rate of diagnosis. The real problem with this disorder is that everyone feels a little distracted at some point, so the disorder is often dismissed by some who think the affected person just isn’t trying hard enough. Many bright teens with ADHD may simply be seen as underachievers. And you know how teens can be impulsive sometimes.

Why ADHD is Not about Hyperactivity or Inattention

The truth is, ADHD is not really about being inattentive or hyperactive. Some teens without ADHD have trouble paying attention or sitting still. But what many people fail to realize is that these can be symptoms of a neurological condition. A normal functioning person doesn’t have a brain that operates in the same way as someone with ADHD. For a person do be diagnosed with ADHD, they must exhibit these symptoms for at least six months in more than one setting; and for the person with ADHD, the symptoms may wax and wane but never resolve on their own. It must also be present before the person is 12 years of age. However, many people don’t learn about their ADHD until they are much older.

ADHD is Prevalent in Popular Culture

Popular culture doesn’t seem to understand the problems a person with ADHD has to overcome. Episodes of The Simpsons and other popular television shows promote the idea that people with this condition just need better discipline or better work ethic. One episode, in particular, reveals a man boasting he has found the cure, and he uses abusive tactics to get children to pay attention. These misguided ideas can cause a person to feel there is something wrong with them, and insinuates that they don’t have a real disorder.

Treatment for ADHD

The best treatments for ADHD are a combination of therapy and medications. Only a doctor can diagnose you with this disorder. The patient must also not exhibit other issues that could account for the inattention, hyperactivity, or both. You can often find specialized centers like ADHD therapy for children in Sioux Falls which can help treat more specific symptoms like aggression and hyperactivity.

People who have learning disabilities are familiar with the type of criticism that comes with them. Rest assured, whether you have ADHD or another disorder, there are treatment options available, and therapy can provide promising results. Remember, it’s not whether you have the symptoms, but if the symptoms are continuous enough to interrupt your daily life, relationships, school, or work.

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