What Are the Problems in Learning English and How DIVII English Video Dictionary Helps

diviiHomeschooling an older adopted child for whom English is a second language?

Worried about how your teen will do on the SAT exam?

DIVII is an advanced English video dictionary app that helps ESL students build vocabulary through some of the top-trending videos from the web.

English is an international language. It is used worldwide in almost all fields like arts, science, humanities, commerce,diplomacy, and international trade. Students should be encouraged to take up English as their second language, if not present as their mother tongue. If fluency in the language is not attained, they may face severe communication problems in their future academic as well as career endeavors.

Areas of difficulty that English learners face

It has been noted by experts that students who take up English as a second language face problems mainly in the following areas:

  • Sounds
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciations
  • Vocabulary
  • Culture
  • Idioms
  • Accents

English learners should look for tools that can help them overcome problems in these areas of language learning. Most of the students bank on the conventional language learning methods. What are those? Here is a list:

  • Enrolling in language learning classes
  • Buying and reading textbooks
  • Reading dictionaries and thesaurus
  • Reading grammar books

Issues with conventional language learning methods

Time-consuming: Most ESL students feel that it takes too long to look up a particular word in a dictionary. Checking out online tutorial videos and attending a typical language learning class also takes a considerable amount of time. They often need to take out time from their already busy schedule to enroll in such a class. Sometimes, students often stop attending such classes midway! Moreover, just attending such classes is not enough, they need to revise and practice the lessons at home, which again, take time.

Boring, lacks proper references: When reading a dictionary, can you directly refer to real-life conversations or listen to actual voice? No! Dictionaries are just pages and pages of words and meanings, which is tiring and uninteresting to students. There are only a few students who actually sit down to read a dictionary. Moreover, these conventional tools come with limited context-based references. Conventional language learning methods also lack solutions for practical vocabulary building.

Costly methods are not preferable: Expensive language learning methods are deterrents for students. Buying costly language learning textbooks, dictionaries, and audio tapes are not feasible solutions. Parents are often not willing to spend a lot of money on learning English.

DIVII – the pioneering English video dictionary to the rescue!

How do you like the idea of learning English while watching your favorite music videos or movie clips? Yes! DIVII English video dictionary makes it possible. It is your one-stop tool for speaking, listening, and building a strong vocabulary. With unlimited video examples for search queries, English learning is fun and engaging. And, with a solution to learn pronunciations, spellings, grammar, writing, speaking, and vocabulary building, this is the best an ESL student can get.

How is DIVII helping to save students’ time and money while providing practical solutions?

Whenever they are stuck with any new word,you can check that instantly in DIVII. It may not be possible to carry a dictionary along or have your ESL teacher to help you with word meanings all the time. But probably you never leave home without your mobile phone. Let’s check out a few of the main features of DIVII and how these help:

Video Examples: In addition to providing definitions and text examples, DIVII provides unlimited list of real-life video examples. By checking videos with subtitles, students can understand the context, get theexact pronunciations, and practice reading. The videos open in repeat mode and play the moment where the particular word is present in the subtitle.

Knowledge Hub: It is a section inside DIVII that has been designed for building a strong vocabulary. It is particularly important for students who are preparing for tests like TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE, GMAT, or SAT. This section also contains business and everyday conversation vocabulary lists.


History: You can check out your previous searches here. You can check out DIVII’s integrated “Flashcard” feature from here, which helps students remember word meanings and pronunciations better. Moreover, you can copy your search queries to “Notebook.” Create as many notebooks as you want and arrange your search queries according to convenience.

DIVII is recommended for all students who have taken up English as second language. A video dictionary app, it is cheap and affordable as compared to conventional tools. Now, scoring ace marks in English is just a matter of time!

The DIVII English Video Dictionary application will be launching in the middle of July, 2014.

Author Bio: Samuel is an ESL teacher who uses a DIVII English dictionary app to help students learn English the fun way. He supports the use of technology in imparting education. He is also associated with a NGO dealing with illiteracy.

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