Ways to Reward Your Teen for a Successful School Year

Ways-to-Reward-Your-Teen-for-Successful-School-YearPHOTO: Courtesy of Hepingting Under Flicker/CC License.

Without a doubt, each and every one of us could use a bit of positive reinforcement after successfully completing a work we had done previously, but for children who are homeschooled, they need it more than anyone.

When it comes to teenagers, some parents have the habit of rewarding them at the end of each school year, but not all parents. I believe that all students are supposed to receive some kind of prize for their hard work, as they need to know that every effort will be honored, and not all are aware of that at their age. This especially applies to those who are homeschooled, because, even though it seems that it is much easier to them, this type of education comes with its price. More time at home, less time to spend with your friends, and so the socialization does not come as naturally as it does to public school students. That is why you should reward your child anytime you can, and here we have a few tips on what you can do to make them happier.

Buying Things

This method has been frowned upon by many for a long time, but there is no doubt that it could be a great stimulation for further work. Some parents buy smaller things, like dinner out, but others are known to invest much more into their children happiness, and take them shopping for more expensive shoes and clothes, or even some travel arrangements that can cost an arm and a leg. For a child that is homeschooled, it can be good to invest into something like gaming equipment (like guitar hero or motion gaming equipment) as it is very popular among teenagers. You can reward him by throwing a great end-of-the-school-year party where you can even hire pinball machine, he can invite people over, and the ice can be broken by turning on one of these games.

More Phone and Internet Privileges

In 21st century mobile phones and computers are a big part of a teenagers life. Even those who hang out with their friends in school the whole day, come home and chat with the same people for the rest of the evening. Then imagine how hard it is for a child that is homeschooled to have a healthy social life. They need more time on the phone, to catch up on the updates, and of course, internet privileges, as you know that today you are nothing if you do not have a profile on at least two social networks. But every coin has two sides, so keep an eye on what your teen is doing online and propose signing internet safety agreement.

Concerts and Festivals

When you have a teenager, then you will have to face the fact that he will come to you quite often to ask for a permission to go to a concert that is sometimes going to be in another city, and no, you are not going to like it. You cannot help but to worry about his safety, however, if he has been good, he deserves to go. They probably are too young, but they should experience an event like that, as being homeschooled, he lacks that typical high school experience, and this is another way for him to socialize. If he gets out of the house from time to time, with the change of location he is bound to be more motivated for his further work.

Longer Curfew

On the weekends, but especially during the summer break, they will want to go with their friends bowling, or to shoot some pool or darts, and they will ask to stay a bit longer. It will be hard to face the fact that your little baby is growing up, and that he/she wants to also go clubbing and partying, but remember that you cannot stop them. They will go out, maybe even date and fall in love, and so you should let them stay out just a little bit longer, so that they could make the most out of their youth.

Just remember how it was fun when you were their age. Admit it – those were the happiest of times. First night out, first concert, first date, kiss, love… Let them live their life and do not stand in a way of their happiness. Yes, they will do something stupid sometimes, but what better way is there to learn if not from their mistakes? And that is the best reward you can give them.

About the Author: Melissa Stevens is healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly living enthusiast. She likes writing eco-friendly, parenting and DIY articles. Mother of one cute boy, vegetarian for years, and in her spare time she is engaged in crafting, housekeeping, organizing family life and travel.

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