Want fun at work? Opt for a Career in eSports [Infographic]

eSports, also known as electronic sports or competitive video gaming, is quickly growing into a major segment of the global entertainment industry. Much like athletic sporting events, eSports games are often played before live audiences and are also broadcast over the Internet.

With millions of online viewers, the eSports industry is said to draw more attention than virtual reality and other related industries. More and more money is flowing into the tournaments, with corporate sponsors that include major brands like Coca-Cola, Doritos, and Red Bull.

This relatively new industry has grown so much in recent years that it has opened up a huge new job market that didn’t exist just a few short years ago. In fact, eSports is emerging as one of the best industries to work in. Everyone wants a job where there is plenty of excitement and the compensation is awesome, and the eSports industry may well be able to offer both.

Whether you are in marketing or finance, working in the eSports industry is really fun. You will never be bored in an office, the hours are perfect, and in most cases the work environment is casual. Whatever your function, you should know that an eSports company offers employees a lot of initiatives that make these jobs incredibly lucrative.

But that’s not all! Jobs in eSports compared to traditional companies are very different. They require you to work on exciting new games, travel to top cities of the world where the events are taking place, take part in gaming conventions, and the best part is that you will have access to the latest gadgets and gears of the gaming world.

If we have peaked your interest in eSports, we wanted to take it further by sharing this insightful infographic from Computer Planet. It lists some really great jobs that you can apply for within the exciting world of eSports.


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