Veritas Live Online Classes and Clubs

Veritas Live Online Classes

Veritas Press is known for its curriculum that provides homeschoolers with a classical education from a Christian point of view. Did you know that Veritas Press also offers Live Online Classes and Clubs? The clubs (biology, chess, computer, Latin, math, photography, Spanish) are only open to currently enrolled students. Veritas Live Online Classes are taught by expert teachers in the Veritas Virtual Classroom. They are rather pricey at $499 for summer classes and $649 for regular Secondary School Courses (not including books or materials). Still, many parents think they’re worth it, to take some of the stress out of homeschooling. For example, they can help:

  • Teach a subject you’re not comfortable with.
  • Reduce the number of subjects for you teach.
  • Allow you to not worry about grading papers or tests.
  • Get your teen excited and motivated to learn.

A Live Online Course is one in which the students meet together online at a set time for real time instruction from their teacher. The Veritas Live Online Courses are taught using the Adobe Connect classroom platform which allows for an interactive learning environment. All of the course sessions are recorded and archived for the student to access at any time if they miss a class or want to go back and review the material.

Covering every subject Veritas offers, the Live Online classes include both core and elective courses. Some of them have minimum age requirements. With only 20 students permitted to be in each Live Online course, these classes fill up fast. Hurry and register now if you want to take a summer school class! As of June 4th, five classes still have seats available: Novels of Jane Austen, Film and Worldview, Latin, Logic, and Creative Writing. (I love the creative writing theme – “Come up with a novel response to the question, ‘What did you do over summer vacation?’”)

Here is a complete listing of all the course offerings for grades 7-12.

Secondary School – Grade 7-12



Algebra I

Algebra I – Saxon

Algebra II

Algebra II – Saxon

Business Math

Calculus I

Calculus II

Calculus I – Saxon


Geometry – Saxon


Pre-Calculus – Saxon



Advanced Chemistry – Organic Chemistry

Anatomy & Physiology



General Science

Marine Biology

Physical Science

Physics I

Physics II



French I

French II

French III

German I

German II

German III

Greek I

Greek II

Latin I

Latin II

Latin Readings – Christian Authors

Latin Readings – Virgil

Latin Transition I

Latin Transition II

Mandarin Chinese I

Mandarin Chinese II

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

Omnibus (Humanities)

History Survey and Transition

Literature Transition

Omnibus I Primary

Omnibus I Secondary

Omnibus II Primary

Omnibus II Secondary

Omnibus III Primary

Omnibus III Secondary

Omnibus IV Primary

Omnibus IV Secondary

Omnibus V Primary

Omnibus V Secondary

Omnibus VI Primary

Omnibus VI Secondary



US History

Western Civilization


Logic & Rhetoric

Associate Logic

Logic I

Logic II

Rhetoric II

Rhetoric I

Senior Thesis


Composition I

Composition II

Fiction Writing Workshop

Grammar & Writing Transition




Summer A

College Test Prep

Creative Writing

Film & Worldview

Latin Transition I

Logic I

Novels of Jane Austen

Summer B

Algebra I Refresher

Latin Transition II

Omnibus I Secondary

Omnibus II Secondary

Omnibus III Secondary

Omnibus IV Secondary

Omnibus V Secondary

Omnibus VI Secondary



AP Prep – Calculus I

Biology Club

Chess Club

Computer Programming Club

Latin Club

Math Club

Photography Club

Spanish Club


Art History

Art Studio I

Art Studio II

College Prep Test


Film and Worldview


US Government

SEE ALSO: Veritas Graduation Requirements PDF (This helps in high school transcript planning.)


What types of activities and courses have you used as electives? Leave a comment and we may include yours in a future column!

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